Design Studio “Chocolate” is working on architectural design and development of design projects of inhabited and public interiors, decor and a complete set in furniture.

Having a ten years experience of creation of exclusive interiors, we will help to orient with variety of styles and to choose the direction answering to your flavoring preferences. Our team doesn’t offer abstract projects, but only what can be realized. Our designers will make careful selection of materials, furniture, bathroom equipment, accessories, leaning on your choice, the market and the budget. Interests of our clients main for us therefore all our professional, creative and technical resources work for you.

Comfort, the maximum functionality and esthetics – here credo of our experts.



Our team

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  Architect, Founder

of the company




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Our services

Interior design

It is the concept developed by experts, consists of a set of the documents aimed at realization of design idea. The main objective of this project — to embody esthetic, technical wishes and requirements of the Customer.



Architectural design

We render services in architectural design of any real estate objects — from private houses and townhouses to shopping and business centers.
 The combination of ideas of the customer of ideal forms and accurate following to the established construction norms is the cornerstone of the architectural project of our studio
and to safety rules. (more…)

Turnkey restaurant

One of activities of the company is development design – projects for night clubs, restaurants, cafe and bars. Thus, developing the project for zavedeniyobshchestvenny food, we always use an integrated approach. (more…)

Architectural concept

Our studio is capable to create an architectural kotseption quickly. It is a set of the most effective presentation materials for such tasks, as: involvement of investors, illustration of business plans, coordination of modernizations and reconstruction, etc. (more…)

Architectural supervision

Architectural supervision consists in support of the working draft by the designer at his realization. The designer, as well as you, most than the others is interested in that the project was realized exactly as is conceived. Therefore the author of the project will be able to check process of an embodiment, without having missed any important point.



Complete set of objects

Escort of the client when purchasing goods and equipment, market researches, delivery of goods to object. The complete set is ordered to receive the best price at the expense of design discounts and the help in a choice of concrete custom-made positions (color, the article, a configuration).