Complete set of objects

Escort of the client when purchasing goods and equipment, market researches, delivery of goods to object. The complete set is ordered to receive the best price at the expense of design discounts and the help in a choice of concrete custom-made positions (color, the article, a configuration).


Enter the volume of services in a complete set of Object the following:

— Search of materials, bathroom equipment, furniture, engineering designs and other materials and equipment.
— Verification, terms and terms of delivery of materials and the equipment at specific suppliers.
— Implementation by the selector of control of the made purchases.
— Verification and statement of a form of details and flowers.
— Choice of suppliers.
— Comparison and monitoring of the prices of materials and equipment.
— Choice of producers of individual positions.
— Consultation of suppliers on the sizes, communication with the designer.
— Maintenance and consultations at a choice of positions.
— Participation on acceptance on Object. Coordination and verification of articles of details, completeness.
— Timely identification of the rejected positions.
— Production of calculations of amount of materials, necessary to purchase, and equipment.
— Replacement of the laid-off positions without violation of design.
— Departure with the client in office or showroom of suppliers for a choice of custom-made positions.
— Consultation of the client concerning purchases.

The client signs contracts for delivery and purchase of the equipment with contract organizations on its own behalf.

Complete set cost the fixed:  1 000 000 bags a month. Thus the price of the majority of purchases of the equipment and furniture will be cheaper than the retail. The economy for the client is reached at the expense of design discounts.