Interior design

It is the concept developed by experts, consists of a set of the documents aimed at realization of design idea. The main objective of this project — to embody esthetic, technical wishes and requirements of the Customer.



The included documentation:

  1. Plan of measurements of the room
  2. Plan of dismantle of partitions and walls
  3. Plan of installation of partitions and walls
  4. The plan after re-planning
  5. Plan of arrangement of furniture, household appliances and bathroom equipment.
  6. The plan of a ceiling with marks of heights
  7. Scheme of an arrangement of lamps and switches
  8. Scheme of arrangement of sockets
  9. The plan of floors (the scheme of an apportion of a tile and parquet taking into account the areas)
  10. Plan of heat-insulated floors
  11. Development of walls
  12. Drawings of details of custom-made decorative elements.
  13. Sheet of finishing materials.