Architectural supervision

Architectural supervision consists in support of the working draft by the designer at his realization. The designer, as well as you, most than the others is interested in that the project was realized exactly as is conceived. Therefore the author of the project will be able to check process of an embodiment, without having missed any important point.


At the order of this service you receive:

— Obligatory departures of the designer on building (1-2 times a week) with check of compliance of the performed works to the design project,

— The designer personally during departures or answers on phone and e-mail on questions of builders and suppliers,

— At each departure on object we do photofixing,

— We keep the magazine of architectural supervision in which we note results of the performed works, the revealed defects,

— Following the results of each departure we make the report and we send it to the customer,

— If necessary the designer makes changes to working documentation if specifications, additions or correction of earlier agreed decisions are required.


Thus the decision on alterations or collectings is carried out by the client.

Architectural supervision doesn’t mean management of builders and technical checks. We carry out controlling, but not administrative function.

Architectural supervision is paid by the month:

 1 000 000 bags a month — within Tashkent
 1 000 000 bags a month — within RUZ, not including travel expenses and accommodation.
On Foreign trips — contractual price also doesn’t include all expenses on flight and accommodation.