Classification of interroom doors

Today there is a huge variety of doors on a design, materials, models, ways of production, etc.

To decide on a choice, we suggest you to examine some types of interroom doors.

— the laminated doors differ from other types of doors in a type of finishing. The laminate is presented in a rich color palette, it can coincide on drawing with drawing of a cut of wood of various breeds or have a monophonic covering.

The laminate is applied on the sheet MDF (in translation from English “a sredneplotny fibrous covering”). MDF rather soft material also makes available any ways of processing thanks to what it is possible to make a beautiful panel, the rounded-off corners. Therefore it is favourite front material of modern designers.

The laminated interroom doors are cheaper than the doors covered with a natural interline interval due to use of artificial materials. The laminate made on modern technologies is much less sensitive to differences of humidity and temperatures. In production of the laminated doors various technologies that influences the final cost of a product are used.

As internal filling of a door can be:

– a corrugated cardboard which has structure honeycombs by means of which the door cloth is easy and strong,

– a corrugated cardboard in combination with strengthening by whetstones,

– continuous strengthening of a cloth whetstones,

– plate WSP (wood-shaving plate) of a tubular design.

A variety of finishings in separate models of cloths allows to use them as in public places (hotels, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, offices, shopping centers), and in premises.

The high-quality laminated interroom doors will decorate an interior of your house or office and will be the optimum decision at the limited budget. The laminated doors differ from doors usual, they are covered with a special decorative film, which thin layer. The covering of doors a decorative film gives the chance to create visual effect of the doors made of expensive breeds of a tree when actually laminated doors are made of usual wood and are revetted with the MDF panels. Internal emptiness of the laminated door are filled with a cardboard, and allow to make them soundproof and heatpreserving. Thanks to a decorative film, the laminated doors have quite presentable appearance, remaining thus inexpensive doors, the house-keeper of a class.

The low price of the laminated doors, is caused, first of all, by use by their production of inexpensive materials and quite not high technological expenses. The main advantage of the laminated doors, undoubtedly, consists in the low price. Thanks to similar price policy, the laminated doors are available to the consumer even with very low level of the income today. Besides, the laminated doors are quite unpretentious at operation and don’t demand to themselves special leaving. The choice of the modern laminated doors is quite wide. You will be able easily to pick up doors of color necessary for you and a form. Despite the seeming ease, the laminated doors are quite strong, and are capable to carry out all protective functions of a usual door in full degree.

— the grounded doors – the designs representing wooden frames on which from two parties panels are pasted. These panels are easy designs which are made by processing of crude wood by means of special technologies. As a result all natural defects of wood are eliminated, the door cloth becomes superdense, soundproofing, perfectly constrains fire, more long than a standard door. The design very easy, doesn’t make heavier door slip-ups and apertures therefore doesn’t deform all design.

The grounded doors unlike usual wooden, the shponirovannykh or the laminated doors are capable to resist to excessive humidity of a bathroom, they very strong, don’t crack, aren’t jarred on, don’t disperse on layers and quality of a surface doesn’t depend on external factors therefore doesn’t worsen during time. The surface of interroom doors together with end faces is grounded by very qualitative soil of white color (specially under painting). The design has fine texture, thanks to such finishing can be painted under color of any interior by alkyd or acrylic enamel. Therefore the design of each element will be harmoniously embodied, the room will represent elegance and style of any apartment. A fashionable and modern type of interroom doors which prices at all not above others, will daily please the owners.

Standard width of a cloth of the grounded doors under painting can make 60, 70, 80, 90 cm, and thickness – 35 mm. If you choose a dvupolny door, width of its cloth will be respectively twice more, than odnopolny. A basic element of a design of the door block – a cloth. Its main part is a framework from a pine bar. It is made with use of the minithorn technology. The framework from two parties is pasted over with panels of doors from MDF or HDF. If you choose partially glass doors or with inserts from art glass, for such designs make birch laths on similar technology. In a door place cellular filler.

— interroom doors of PVC. What is the PVC? Polyvinylchloride (PVC) which is received from natural raw materials, belongs to group of thermolayers. Pure PVC for 43% consists of ethylene (petrochemical product) and for 57% from the connected chlorine received from table salt.

PVC is emitted in the form of powder, and for production of door profiles as well as window, add stabilizers, modifiers, pigments and auxiliary additives to it.

Polyvinylchloride possesses a number of advantages which allow to use successfully it for production of door system profiles, but at the same time has also some shortcomings.

Advantages of the Door of PVC is that it is difficult flammable and self-extinguished material; it is steady against influence of alkalis, acids, lime, and also against atmospheric actions; it can be reused, without any loss of qualitative characteristics of initial raw materials (at utilization the plastic shade only slightly changes).

Doors the revetted PVC, especially will have on temper to those buyers who don’t want to overpay spare cash, but thus seek to get durable and the most important qualitative, inexpensive interroom doors of pvc. The doors revetted with PVC are the ideal decision for configuration practically of any interiors, after all they can have the most original and unexpected appearance, and give to the room absolutely new unique shape. On appearance it is difficult to distinguish such interroom doors of pvc from the doors created on the basis of natural materials (naprimershponirovannykh), but there are they much less. Besides such models don’t demand someone special careful leaving, aren’t stratified, absolutely environmentally friendly, possess magnificent durability and practically eventually don’t change the original form. Interroom doors of PVC are the most main characteristics resistance to mechanical damages – to cracks, scratches, chips and its big durability.

— interroom doors of PVC don’t crack

— interroom doors of PVC perfectly resist to moisture

— doors of PVC possess fine resistance to mechanical damages, chips, scratches (for example from pets)

The big range of textures of PVC of a film of various invoice will help to fit into any design of the room. Interroom Doors of PVC during very long time keep the color, practically don’t demand for themselves any leaving. In the course of the operation, a door of PVC don’t change the geometrical sizes, and their surface isn’t rubbed off at all.

— Shponirovanny doors occupy a considerable share in production of interroom doors thanks to the esthetic appearance, natural materials, reasonable price and long term of operation.

The interline interval is a thin layer of wood. Such sheets are received in the different ways, but for finishing of doors there is a planed interline interval made on the shponostrogalnykh machines of various breeds of a tree with a beautiful shade and texture. Layer thickness – 0,3 – 0,7 millimeters. The direction in which there is a sostragivaniye, influences an interline interval pattern. There is a radial, tangential, tangential and face, tangential and radial way. More impressive, that is removed across wood fibers, it also has higher price.

Preferable breeds of a tree for an interline interval is an oak, mahogany, the Karelian birch, a beech, an elm, a nut, a yew, an ash-tree. The interline interval from exotic breeds of wood, for example is effective: wenge, merbaa, ebon.

Shponirovaniye of doors gives to an interior more stylish look, introducing natural grace of a natural tree.

What design shponirovannykh of doors?

The basis of doors with finishing from an interline interval is strong, glued or connected by means of thorns, a framework from pine whetstones. It is sheathed by a cloth from MDF. That doors gained necessary rigidity, didn’t pass a sound and kept indoors a certain temperature, the space between a framework and sheets MDF is filled with modern, eco-friendly, light cellular material from a cardboard. Filling is more rare do of pine whetstones but as this material is natural wood, such doors are more expensive, have higher weight.

From above on sheets MDF, vacuum hot pressing, pastes an interline interval. This technology allows to reach the good durability of fastening.

But in order that the shponirovanny door served more long, and the interline interval from natural wood didn’t slushchivatsya, wasn’t used up, didn’t change colors, the varnish is applied on it. It protects from influence of sunshine, moisture and itself the varnished surface looks more effective, beautifully shows texture of a tree.

Advantages of a shponirovanny door.

Doors with finishing from a natural interline interval are rather strong and durable. They are available to most of consumers at the cost.

Many designers prefer to use shponirovanny doors as thus there is an opportunity to involve in an interior various breeds of a tree, beautiful shades, without big investments in the projects.

Shponirovanny doors are a worthy replacement to products from the massif, for reasonable price, for those who prefers natural materials. Shponirovanny doors can be made the most various models, both deaf, and combined with various inserts.

That it is necessary to consider upon purchase and installation of doors with finishing from an interline interval:

Shponirovanny doors it is possible, but it isn’t desirable to establish in rooms with the increased humidity. Such door will long serve to you in a bathroom if you avoid hit of moisture on it. In case from a shower on a door water streams constantly get, you need to choose other model.

It isn’t desirable that on shponirovanny doors direct sunshine constantly fell, from it they can change eventually the color.

— Doors are made of the massif in two ways: from an integral piece of a tree and from the glued massif. When using the glued massif the door gets uneven shades of a surface that allows to accent beauty of the used material. At production of doors from the massif it is necessary to observe all stages of technological process strictly. The special attention has to be paid to preparation of raw materials. The raw materials, that is wood, has to be good and slowly dried. Acceleration of process of drying affects quality of material: on wood there are cracks, it is deformed. Also quality of the made door is influenced also by what glue and under what conditions (the set temperature and pressure) there is a pasting of the massif.

All above-mentioned is inseparably linked with service life of doors from the massif. The following stage is the finishing covering.

 To protect a door from moisture, and at the same time to emphasize beauty of a tree, it is covered with paint and varnish structure. Layers has to be not less than three, and before drawing each subsequent layer all surface has to be ground.

Naturally, soundly made interroom doors from the massif, will decorate your house and will serve very long if look after her. It isn’t so difficult, but it is necessary to remember that at care of such doors it is necessary to use only special means. Scratches and insignificant defects are eliminated by means of a zashkurivaniye and rubbing in of polishing wax.

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