Let’s begin with classical formulations – “Design” as the concept was created at the beginning of the XVI century in England and gained “plan, drawing, design, designing” value.

“The design the project” is a creation of appearance of an interior of the room (the planirovanny decision) to which the package of briefs for builders including the obmerochny drawing, the plan of ceilings and floors, schemes of an arrangement of sockets and illuminants, ventilation, conditioning, the scheme of laying of system is applied.

Generally, creation design of the project is a work of professional designers and designers who create design the project, considering all wishes and inquiries of the clients, work is creative and difficult from the point of view of design part.

After all, if to think, any building isn’t under construction without architectural project and any the qualitative realized interior, the design of the project wasn’t carried out unaided.


Creation design of the project begins with that you answer questions of the designer which will help it to understand that you want from this project, what tastes at you, wishes, preferences to a new interior. Before a meeting with the designer it would be good to thumb through books and magazines on an interior to understand that it to be pleasant to you, and that you don’t accept in own new house at all.

It will help to direct the designer in necessary for you the direction, having oriented it on your flavoring preferences. At this stage the designer has to receive the complete information on family tenor of life, tastes of her members, habits, hobbies. Here it is necessary to agree on information on the quantity existing or the estimated size and purpose of rooms necessary the equipment, stylistic and color the direction of design.


Subsequently, after detailed dialogue with the customer, the specification is formed. The specification is focused on the main requirements to an interior and adjustments which, eventually, are approved as the guide to action. The Chocolate design company carries out design the project on the following stages, proceeding from the specification:

♦ the Measurement drawing with a binding of communications;

♦ Some versions of planning decisions, and also options of style and color schemes;

♦ the Scaled plans of construction dismantle and installation;

♦ Plan of arrangement of furniture, plan of a floor and ceiling, apportion of materials;

♦ Schemes of lighting and distribution of lines;

♦ Plan of placement of sockets;

♦ Schemes of heat-insulated floors;

♦ Schemes of doorways;

♦ Scheme of central air;

♦ Schemes of development of the kitchen equipment, bathrooms. Miscalculation of materials;

♦ Plans of arrangement dignity. technical equipment;

♦ Specifications of electric equipment and lamps;

3D visualization of an interior of the room is applied to accurate visual perception by the customer of an interior.


Finally, the OOO “CHOCOLATE DESIGN” company provides architectural supervision, it is control of an embodiment of ideas of the designer and support which helps to solve the problems arising during repair quickly.

Thus, in the course of repair any possibility of unpleasant surprise connected with work of construction company is excluded.

The price design of the project isn’t unambiguous, it is dictated by the level of professionalism of the designer, complexity and specification of the project and is result of negotiations. But it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to manage without design of the project at apartment renovation, it that it is necessary to do first of all then not to be sorry about a downtime and money.

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