The Italian newspaper photographer Mauro Lovecquio lives in Italy, the Czech Republic and China. Cooperates with (“Essential art”), the Chinese newspaper Global Times, the Italian TV channel RAI News 24. In Uzbekistan it presented the photo exhibition “Conclave 2013″.
— Recently use in an interior of photos of the big sizes became a trend among wide circles, as the cost of the printing of photos rather low. At a choice of the photo taste is important. Alas, you won’t buy it not at any price. It is difficult not to cross a side ultrafashionable and at the same time tasteless.
Photos are widely used in marketing to influence emotions of buyers. When using photos in an interior it is possible to achieve the same effect of influence on the person.
We have to remember that decoration of an interior photos — it not absolutely something new. Before use of the printing photo people simply drew on walls.
Earlier in architecture at the time of Baroque the technology of optical deception was used. The well-known Italian artist Andrea Mantegna in 1460 decorated rooms with the frescos representing open space, for example, the sky with clouds. Perhaps, we sometimes need to address to the past to find something interesting to the present.

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