Restaurant «Uzbechka» is gonna start its work very soon.


“Uzbechka” will become the fifth institution of experienced restaurateurs: the places :”The good place”, “Mustard”, in development of “Greece” and “People” already work.

The process of work on “Uzbechka” began with a discussion of the project in “Chocolate Design Studio” at the beginning of May, 2016. By the beginning of August the stage of creation of the project approached the completion. In November the restaurant is being prepared for launching. Malika Pulatova is the main architect of “Chocolate Design Studio” working on interior design of “Uzbechka” project.


The “Chocolate Design Studio” exists since 2006. A small amount of studios can show so many realized projects, a work experience abroad and a cooperation with real estate development companies of Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia.

The idea of customers consisted in creation of an interior in a modern and national style. They imagined monochrome with elements of national style. Designers of studio offered, considering specifics of the area – sky resort, snow, the prevailing whiteness, – to beat an interior on contrasts which would introduce heat and a cosiness and were pleasing to the eye of guests.


A result of realized project is bright and colourful interior combining the modernity and east echoes in details and textures. For example, a traditional east house was taken as a basis of the hall device. Therefore, the restaurant consists of two halls, each hall has two tiers on it. The tiers are made from balcony galleries. One of the main jewelry of an interior can consider columns which, apparently, shall disturb designers, penetrating the hall. But specialists of “Chocolate design” didn’t  lose courage and decorated them with an ornament, literally transfered from walls of majestic Registan, placing a part of heart of Samarkand into the Caucasus Mountains. Obviously, only our masters can present such a clue element of decore, therefore a customer asked as to choose a team of decorationof  this part of a decore.

It is not a secret for anyone that the east textile has won hearts of many fashion houses and designers for recent years. That’s why the sofas uphostered with uzbek fabric from the last collection of “Etro” brand were the best detail of interior design of Uzbek restaurant. It is the most ironic of all fashionable brands. Designers of the brand “Etro” bind in the combinations strips and a cage, peas and Paisley, combine cashmere and velveteen, a velvet and silk. But at the inconceivable brightness of their thing are absolutely deprived of patten persistence. The most part of products is carried out by a manual method.


What is represented by the architect of this project Malika Pulatova?

“At some point I had caught an idea which I want to become a designer, however, not absolutely imagining in which sphere. My parents were initially not especially pleased by my choice because it is necessary to get a “normal” education first of all and after that to become a creator if soul still wishes it, they said. Somehow I could manage them to my choice.First I have graduated the academic lyceum “TASI”, secondly, futher I got a degree in “Architecture” department.
Once, it seemed like the way I chose is not one of the best and I thought that being an archichect is not mine an I won’t be able to work in this sphere..Incidentally, I found an announcement of enrollment in “Chocolate Design Studio”. In spite of the fact that I was working already at that time and it was the final year at the Institute, I sent my resume. They took me on the postition of architect and here it started..Now I analyze the whole situation of the last whole year and I am surprised how cardinally everything has changed since that moment when I have changed a place of my previous work, got a spehere wich I was dreaming of. This work is not among “Easy Jobs”, it demands the maximum devotion. Often you donate rest for the project benefit.

Why architecture, not design?

“Several authoritative people of this profession told me the same phrase: “Consider faculty of architecture. You won’t be mistaken and you won’t be rolled away. An opportunity will be one step higher”. Now I understand what they meant. Each architect is also a designer, but not each designer can become an architect.”

Favourite style?

“I don’t know yet. Unambiguously not classics. It is the most difficult style, it doesn’t take any mistakes, using this tyle you should work according to several rules and only few people has this ability.
It seems to me, nowadays eclecticism runs the show. I love various energic and efficient technologies, the principles of design. Especially in our region they will pay off because we have more than 300 sunny days in a year.

“It would be very desirable to build some public building with zero consumption of energy resources which would “contain” itself (energy). And it doesn’t mean at all that for this purpose it is needed for this source of energy to be stuffed with expensive equipment. Many confuse concepts of “clever” and power passive architecture. The second is more interesting to me.”


About work on the “Uzbechka” project.

“Personally, the most important moment before starting a project is departure on an object. When you see the room with own eyes, not dry measurements, you feel
its spirit and a picture in your head arises at that moment. So you better feel space. Now we are preparing for the opening of “Uzbechka” with accelerated rates . Next time, we will try to please you with photos of our work done.”

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