Art director of CHOCOLATE DESIGN design studio. The studio is known for the extraordinary works as in Uzbekistan, and abroad. Among projects of studio — known restaurants and shopping centers in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, the USA, the United Arab Emirates.
— In an interior at a choice of photos semantic loading of the image is of great importance. Continuation of the general plan of an interior — in emotional “spots” of the photos underlining purpose of the room. It can be a photo in different styles — from classics to pop art.
Image proportions are important. Rules of “golden ratio” always work in esthetic perception.
Registration of images depending on style of an interior. It both gold baguettes, and passe-partout, and framework hi-tech.
Arrangement of photos depending on internal and external lighting of rooms. We try to transfer a part of national color in the international projects. It how to leave the autograph by means of placement of photos of the East in all its manifestations. It can be also photos of national dishes at restaurants, ancient photos of Turkestan, portraits of people, landscapes.
Experience shows that the East always in fashion. In different parts of the world it is interesting to clients to get acquainted with culture of Uzbekistan, including through photos in interiors.

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