Five main mistakes in an interior complete set.

We will make a reservation at once: mistakes which you can make at a complete set of your future house, immeasurably it is more. Everyone who at least once happened to face finishing works and purchase of furniture, has a couple of the sob-stories in a sleeve. The design bureaus eliminating fruits of “creativity” of the clients can unite and publish at all once the encyclopedia of fear and hatred large circulation. Nevertheless, typical mistakes can be systematized in some general groups to arm you against potential troubles. We want to talk about it today.

Mistake No.:1
Non-compliance with staging

Actually mistakes in a complete set of an interior begin not when the complete kitchen ordered three months ago doesn’t rise in the niche which is taken away for it, and at a stage of draft works, and even during development of the specification. Repair — process which demands strict sequence of actions and accurate control over realization of its stages. Situations when the hidden engineering communications as a result don’t correspond to an esthetics of future room, and all participants of process, from the designer to the foreman are frequent, make a helpless gesture and cast blame at each other. In loss as a result there is a customer who didn’t verify in time, whether correspond the ended and future stage with each other, or didn’t employ the competent expert who would hold a total picture in the head and scrupulously eliminated all hindrances on the way to result.

Mistake No. 2 
refusal of architectural supervision

If you order the project of an interior in the designer, but you refuse architectural supervision, most likely, at you two reasons: personal ambitions and desire to save. The first symptom “I will cope with everything not worse” is treated with the first problems — when to you drill half-walls and will hang up the conditioner on a stucco molding, you for certain will understand that got excited in the desire independently to read drawings and to control staging. As for economy, and it, most likely, will backfire: the budget which to you managed to be kept, will evaporate as a smoke when you start remaking mistakes of builders up to draft finishing.
On average, the cost of complex architectural supervision makes from 20% to 30% of design project cost, and here difficult to predict the price of mistakes. So, assuming obligations for supervision, you seriously risk — both money, and nerves, and repair terms.

Mistake No. 3
Chaotic choice of partners and suppliers

If you work with the designer, get used to trust him — including in complete set choice questions. To advise the checked partners and well proved brands — a question of its prestige as expert, but not a way to inflate you and to sell a broiler at the price of a quail.
Casual suppliers and partners have no motivation to keep your initial project or to observe interests of the designer — they are adjusted for sale and generation of profit. Therefore at the seeming richness of a choice you receive excess problems, than a scope for a flight of fancy more likely.

Mistake No. 4 
Spirit throwings))) it is kokandskiya is such at us))

Creation of an interior — process not only technical, but also creative, so, silly to assume that once the thought-over project won’t undergo adjustment at all stages of its embodiment. In shop can declare terms, unacceptable for you
deliveries, and the chosen set should look for alternative; finishing materials by delivery will appear with marriage — alas, it not the most rare situation which will demand urgent reaction.
Nevertheless, you will seriously secure yourself against force majeure if you don’t sow chaos. Weekly to change the technical project and requirements to finishing — a certain way to confuse all performers, as if they tried to please you. If in documentation the stretch ceiling and a floor from a parquet board are approved, so so to that and to be. As they say, one doesn’t swap horses while crossing the ford.

Mistake No. 5
On the drawing — doesn’t mean in reality.

You received the high-quality, in details drawn visualization and breathed sigh of relief? Actually, to rejoice early. Professional designers — not always ingenious selectors: one well think of volumes and successfully plan space, but furniture for visualization select from ready library of samples — it means that your real sofa can differ from drawing on 5-10 centimeters, and it quite will be enough to spoil an interior. Others, on the contrary, well are guided in production, but are frankly weak in planning decisions. In an ideal it is good to get acquainted with such character as the selector: having a ready portfolio of decisions on finishing to materials and pieces of furniture, it will track that dream and быль merged in a whole. It is desirable to invite him to work at the initial stage or to choose design bureau where there is such established post. At us, by the way, is.
What can you make specifically to secure yourself against mistakes? To output all dimensional objects full-scale taking into account points electricians, water supply and the sewerage. You should draw all ordered furniture with chalk or a pencil in the ready room. Despite old-fashionedness of technology, she will yield fantastic fruits — will allow to see in details volumes and weak places of a complete set. Eventually, unless it is important, what process by something reminds children’s game? The main thing that game will allow to come to quite adult, solid and thought-over result.
Yours faithfully, your Decorator.

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